I am obsessed with building great software.
I love figuring out how things work and making them work better.
I eat data for breakfast.

We create web solutions that will knock your socks off. www.wickedcleverdesigns.com.
DELICIOUS NUTRITIOUS - Lead Interface Architect
Implemented both the backend and the frontend of a complete customer login/billing/ordering system for a new company that provides daily meal packages to office workers. Developed in PHP and javascript for a Windows 2008 server with a MSSQL database. www.deliciousnutritious.com.
LINA SOFTWARE - VP Product Development and Acting CTO
Co-created a cross-platform Open Source virtualization technology that lets Linux applications install and run on Windows, Mac OS X and other Unix variants as if they were native to the host. Devised and implemented a multi-platform testing apparatus consisting of a dozen physical machines, and more than sixty virtual operating system images. Wrote a testing and debugging framework in Python to automatically build and test a very large body of code on more than two dozen operating systems including Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OSX and five varieties of Windows. Worked to integrate a variety of Open Source technologies with each host operating system. Developed and tested the APIs of a new C++ programming language library. Securely administrated a Linux web server including a number of web apps, a git repository and a Debian Linux source repository. Wrote Perl scripts for custom analysis of web logs. Designed and implemented the company website: www.openlina.com.
Led the writing and research for four pending software patents and two continuations. Was chief liaison between inventor and patent lawyers. Led defense and claims revision of these patents as well as three others in the natural language domain, which have been granted. Here is more information about this intellectual property.
SPRINGBOX - Lead Natural Language Developer
Developed a software model in Python to describe the grammar of the English and Malay languages as an implementation of a new programming model that couples syntax with semantics using recursive pattern matching. Worked to increase the efficiency of the model's parsing and matching algorithms. Improved the functionality of this new programming model by documenting it and developing guidelines for its practical use.
Worked both independently and as the programming lead on the software project Optics5. Worked with scientists to convert algorithms describing how light is transmitted, reflected and absorbed by window glass and coatings into software for use by window glass designers. Used Visual Basic and Visual C++ to create a detailed and functional user interface for this software. Created relational databases containing the measured spectral data and other properties of all existing commercially available window glass. Worked with a small team of programmers to merge our work with another project, creating a mutually accessible database and external com objects. Provided technical support to and incorporated feedback from hundreds of users worldwide.
SUNCALC INC. - Energy Analyst and Software Developer
Conceived, developed and distributed SUNCALC, software to predict and improve the response of a building to its climate. Created a database of meteorological data for hundreds of weather sites and developed techniques to characterize the effects of local weather patterns on building performance.
BERKELEY SOLAR GROUP - Energy Analyst and Software Developer
Wrote building energy simulation modules and simulation fitting procedures in order to reconcile standard simulations with measured data. Designed diagnostic procedure for calibrating building simulation programs. Wrote programs to extract data and statistics from weather files.
Performed telescope observations and analyzed data for a stellar search project. Used FORTRAN to develop software for discriminating between random apparent motion and parallax. Contributed to supernova and pulsar research and devised a useful “floating reference” approach to spectral analysis of supernovae.
Here is my complete resume.

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